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Your partner for Big Data and Automation

We love Big Data!

Big Data Operation & Consulting

Whether your use-case requires (micro-)batching, (near) real-time processing, streaming or searching large amounts of data.

We’re happy to support you with architecting, designing, building or maintaining your Big Data system.

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Automation is our passion!

DevOps Development & Consulting

Automation is the key for a repeatable and reliable software delivery process. Spend more time on delivering new features than doing the same tasks over and over again!

We’re pleased to realize or optimize your Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipeline.

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Software that fits your needs!

Agile Software Development

Standard software doesn’t fit your needs or you want it to be extended?

We’re happy to implement individual software for you!

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Big Data

We love Big Data

Hadoop and its surrounding ecosystem consists of many technologies. We focus on already established projects, but also keep an eye on emerging technologies. Some of them are:

Hadoop, HBase, Spark, Hive, Impala, Kudu



We help you with many aspects around Big Data, some of them are:

Technology selection

Which technology fits my use-case?


How should I size my cluster?


Some of the aspects of security are wire encryption, service-level authorization or authentication against Kerberos, IPA or AD


Automation of cluster installation migration or upgrade

… and much more

Upgrading to a new HDP or CDH version. Migrating between different technologies.


In spite of built-in redundancy, some use-cases require a data backup.


Automation is our passion

DevOps is a cultural shift rather than just a different toolset. On the way to a „self-service IT“ approach, this cultural shift must be supported with the right tools.

We support you with different aspects of your DevOps journey, some of them are:


Automation is the key factor for delivering modern services cost-efficient, reliable and reproducible.


Deliver your software fast, tested, reliable and reproducible to production.


Containerization of your project (e.g. microservice or application server)


Migrate your service to the cloud and scale it out.

… and much more
Security / SecOps

Wire encryption, service level authorization, authentication, …


Transfer the DevOps culture in your team and your company.

Software Development

We mainly focus on software developed in Java including its broad ecosystem. Whether you need a microservice, a web application or software for your Big Data project, we’re happy to support you!

Support your team

We develop individual software for you or support your team.


Delivering small increments allows early feedback and offers more flexibility.

… and much more

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